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  • Accommodation Sankikan

    This place used to be school and now its used as accommodations for groups. It's really a good place to take benefit of the green nature and its surrounded by a beautiful small river. You can also appreciate some food produced in Mitsue village and have fun doing barbecue.
  • Akame 48 falls Eco Tourism

    The 48 falls of Akame are located in the National park of Muro Akame Aoyama, it's surrounded by Nature: wild plants and animals. You can see the Giant salamenders during the day thanks to the aquariums.
    This place is really adapted to the Eco tourism. Activities are created in function of the season. In spring, you can for example go into the moutains to find and try to eat wild plants. In summer you can try the ritual of being struck under the waterfalls. Falls over a beautiful show with its colored leaves, and finally winter allow you to admire the waterfall turned into ice!
  • Gallery Sorai

    This place is the home for the gallery and the atelier of Yoriko Yasuda, a female potter. She is creating day and night, respecting her moto "Taste of the earth, word of the flames". You can make a reservation to try yourself at pottery under the giudance of Yoriko.
  • Mitsue Activity Center

    The place is an old wood house surrounded by nature. It used to be a school but now its a place for people to get together. In this old school you can learn to make a lof of thing by yourself "hand made"...
  • Ninja training experience in Nature

    You can experience a real Ninja training in the "Ninja Forest", a place where Ninjas and Ascetics used to train themselves. Dress like a Ninja and try to climb high walls, enter a room silently or walk over water! It's all possible with Ninja skill training!
  • Shorenji lake tourism village

    In this place you can experience "Strawberry hunting" from January to May and "Grape hunting" from July to October. You can also bring your own food at the "Grape hunting".
  • Soni Higland Farm Garden

    Soni Higland Farm Garden is for tourism facility and building,you can eat rice bread, you can eat French cuisine made with local ingredient. you can buy original souvenir, you can buy original beer which make beer in this farm,you can buy fresh vegetables.
  • Takitani Hana Shobu-en (Iris flower garden)

    The garden is covered with Iris! On more than 10.000m2 there is about 1 million Iris of 600 different varieties! You can come and admire this spectacular nature show from May to July. From the beginning of the summer you can also see a large collection of Yoshino Cherry blossoms, Clematis and Hydrangeas, each seasons bringing its own beauty to the scene. You can also experience blueberry picking or farming activities.