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  • Gallery Sorai

    This place is the home for the gallery and the atelier of Yoriko Yasuda, a female potter. She is creating day and night, respecting her moto "Taste of the earth, word of the flames". You can make a reservation to try yourself at pottery under the giudance of Yoriko.
  • Guest‐house Minshuku 2-7

    Here is Guest‐house Minshuku 2-7 in front of the beautiful natural monument Yodoidake mountain. The guest house can stay over 100 persons. There is music hall, dance hall. You can do barbecue side of the river.
  • Kijiya

    This old Japanese-style house has stood here inconspicuously over a period of 130 years. Guests are warmly welcomed with dishes with local ingredients such as wild plant cuisine and boar stew.
    Address: 2126-2 Igami
    Phone: 0745-94-2551
  • Mt Kurosoyama

    This is a big triangular moutain between Uda city, Soni village and Taroji. It's 1037 meters high and it's listed in the "Japan 300 moutains list". The place is well known for this 4 well-marked seasons and lots of tourists come to see it duringthe holidays. The moutain called Kuroso is called from a locally famous stone Buddha called Kuroson.
  • Restaurant Okameann at Hot Springs Okamenoyu

    There is restaurant Okameann at Hot Springs Okamenoyu,when you visit Hot Springs Okamenoyu after taking bath, you can eat food or drink beer or eat ice cream.
  • Restaurant susukino-kan in Soni Higland Farm Garden

    They use seasonal local fresh vegetables for appetizer and main dish changing by season.
  • Soni Highland

    A carpet of greenery in spring and summer and a golden covering of Japanese pampas grass on the slopes in the fall are features of the Soni Highlands that spread out from
    the foot of Mt. Kuroso. The starry sky over the plains is unmissable.
    The Kuruson Buddha is one of the seven previous incarnations of Buddha up to the Gautama Buddha and Mt. Kuroso's name comes from the fact that people worshipped the Kuruson Buddha at this mountain. The huge 1 Sm Kuroso Stone Buddha is carved into the cliff at the foot of the mountain. It is said to have been a place of worship for mountain ascetics as the Fudo Waterfall is halfway up the mountain.
  • Soni Highlands Onsen Hot Spring Okame no Yu

    This hot spring facility has a wooden bathroom with a panoramic view of Mt. Kabuto and Mt. Yoroi and a stone bathroom from which you can view the natural landscape of the Soni Highland. These are for use by men and women on alternate weeks.
    Address: 830 Taroji
    Phone: 0745-98-2615
  • Soni Higland Farm Garden

    Soni Higland Farm Garden is for tourism facility and building,you can eat rice bread, you can eat French cuisine made with local ingredient. you can buy original souvenir, you can buy original beer which make beer in this farm,you can buy fresh vegetables.
  • Sunvillage Soni

    You can camp in the Nature at the beautiful national park Yoroidake.
    There is cottage and bungalow and auto-camping site.
    There are 9 cottages(1LDK for 5 people)
    in the cottage site there is kitchen, TV, Bed, Air conditioner, Terrace.
    There are 5 bungalows(4to8people)
    There are 29 auto‐camping site 
    You can use athletic zone, tennis coat, shower, coin laundry, public bathroom, barbecue area.