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  • Aoyama Highland

    This open and bracing highland stretch approximatively 10km from North to South. Ise Bay and Chita Peninsula can be seen far off in the distance.
    Places: Iga city, Tsu City
  • Aoyama Garden Resort Hotel Rosa Blanca

    A secluded resort surrounded by the abundant water and greenery of the Aoyama Highlands. It boasts one of the largest natural outdoor hot spring baths in the area.
    Address: 721 Terawaki
    Phone: 0595-52-5586
  • Aoyamadaishi Sekibutu-gun(Buddha stones)

    The famous Daishi Aoyama carved those rock Buddhas in natural stone and the legend say that he did it overnight! It has been worshiped by travelers passing beyond Aoyama Pass for centuries. the Stone Buddhas are made of two-body and are lined. Both have been enshrined in the national road 165 Route.
  • Menard Aoyama Resort

    A resort offering a wide range of facilities such as a large herb garden, hot spring baths, beauty treatments, beauty & health programs and a golf course.
    Address: 2356 Kiryu
    Phone: 0595-54-1326
  • Mt Amagatake and Mt Obara

    This is the biggest moutain in the Muro Akame Aoyama National park. The shape of the moutain gave it its second name "Ise fuji", as it looks like the big Fuji moutain. The Amagatake slopes are quite hard to climb but the view atop is worth it!