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  • Accommodation Sankikan

    This place used to be school and now its used as accommodations for groups. It's really a good place to take benefit of the green nature and its surrounded by a beautiful small river. You can also appreciate some food produced in Mitsue village and have fun doing barbecue.
  • Maruyama Park

    Maruyama park is famous amongt the Mitsue village cherry blossoms. When spring comes, more than 100 tress get full of flowers. Some are more than 100 years old. You can admire this spectacular nature show in the middle of April. Don't miss the lushy green in summer and the beautifull frost trees in winter!
  • Mitsue Activity Center

    The place is an old wood house surrounded by nature. It used to be a school but now its a place for people to get together. In this old school you can learn to make a lof of thing by yourself "hand made"...
  • Mitsue Onsen Hot Spring Himeshi no Yu

    A hot spring for beauty close to Mt. Obora and Mt. Miune. The adjoining store, Kaido lchiba Mitsue, stocks plenty of local specialties.
    Address: 6330 KozuePhone: 0745-95-2641
  • Mt Miune

    White azaleas bloom in early summer and the ice flowers of the silver frost that adorns the branches create a magical atmosphere in the cold winter on Mt. Miune. The sound of Fudo waterfall, in which Acala (Fudo in Japanese) is enshrined, reverberates around the mountainside.
  • Okadanotani Hangeshouen(Saururus chinensis garden park)

    Okada valley is know to protect an 3000m2 area covered with "Lizard tail" plants (Saururus chinensis), an endangered species! The plants become partly white during the first half of July, which looks like if there was a white carpet over the lushy green valley. This is quite impressive and beautiful.
  • Restaurant Yamazakura

    You can eat Japanse local food like yamato pork curry, steak shrimp bowl, pork with egg bowl, yamato chicken bowl, and set menu.
  • Roadside station Mitsue

    In this roadside station, there is hot spring and you can get souvenir and you can buy fresh local vegetable
  • Self service restaurant Uguisu

    There is restaurant Uguisu at Hot Springs Himeshinoyu,when you visit Hot Springs Himeshinoyu after taking bath, you can eat food or drink something.
  • Youth Travel Village Mitsue Seishounen Ryokou Mura

    You can camp in the the footthe base Mt Miune which is 300 famous mountains
    you can enjoy with athletic zone with 140m big sliding way and bobsled.
    In the river of around this area, depth of water is not deep.
    You can stay, you can do barbecue in the footthe base Mt Miune which is 300 famous mountains
    One day camping 4-6 persons 3500yen
    Bungalow 6 persons 10000yen/1day stay
    Auto-camping site 5000yen/1day stay 
    +300yen clean cooperation per site