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  • Benzaiten Shakunagenooka(Rhododendron flower garden)

    About the mountain of precincts about 3ha so as to surround the Konpira shrine 10,000 of rhododendron flowers in full glory. Early, late maturing various types were planted, the Golden Week will be implemented "Rhododendron Festival".
  • Butsuryuji Temple

    The temple was founded 850 years ago by a great teacher of Buddhism. It is said that the statue of Bodhisattva with the 11 faces has been created by the Prince Shotoku. You can also admire a 900 years old Cherry tree (Chitoshi) which is protected as a Natural monument. There is lighting up during the blossom period.
  • Hashimotoya

    A well-established ryokan hotel located in front of the gate of Murouji Temple. It is also a restaurant serving the vegetarian cuisine that originated from Buddhist dietary restrictions featuring mainly seasonal wild plants and Yamato yams.
    Address: 800 Murou
    Phone: 0745-93-2056
  • Kaichoji Temple

    This is a temple constructed at the foot of the Kaiba mountain, on a quite place. It has been erected by Prince Shotoku. In automn you can see the leaves of the Ginkgo tree becoming yellow. This place is known for a special variety which has a leaf just over the beans.
  • Kotaroiwa

    With its outstanding colored leaves spot "Kotaro rock ," a perpendicular quay range approximately 200m in height, and there is a rock looking like a lion face halfway up the mountain.
  • Mt Yoroi

    Mt. Yoroi resembles the breastplate of a suit of armor and makes visitors feel the overwhelming presence of a warrior. The rock face of the mountainside is the result of violent volcanic activity and the seams made by different large-scale eruptions can be seen even today.
  • Muro-ji Temple

    Muroji Temple has been created by the Ascetics who were training in the moutains. It is particularly remarkable because at this time Temples access was forbidden to women. The holy land start when you cross the red bridge! The stairway to the pagoda is made of 700 stone steps!
  • Ono-dera Temple

    Onodera Temple is a small temple located right on the road from Muroguchi-ono train station to Muro-ji temple. The highlight is a 4 meter tall Buddha image carving, carved into the mountainside, located across the river from the temple and visible from the road. Further downstream is the site of another small image also carved into the mountainside. Can be visited on the way to Muro-ji Temple.
  • Restaurant Aobanoshou in Roadside Udaji-Muro

    Restaurant Aobanoshou in Roadside Udaji-Muro
    this restaurant provides Japanese food,which is Udon(Japanese wheat noodle)and Soba(buck wheat)
  • Restaurant Kamura in UdajiOouda Roadside station

    The restaurat use the special product of Nara, like Miwa-somen(Japanese noodle) and the Kakinohazushi(local special sushi in leaf) and they use Uda beef.