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  • Roadside station UdajiOouda Akinoyado

    In this roadside station, you can rent‐a‐bicycle in 4 hours/1000yen in 8 hours 2000yen,and you can get souvenir and you can buy fresh local vegetable.you can use free footbath.
  • Roadsidestation Udaji-Muro

    In this roadside station, you can rent‐a‐bicycle,and you can get souvenir and you can buy fresh local vegetable next to this station.
  • Takitani Hana Shobu-en (Iris flower garden)

    The garden is covered with Iris! On more than 10.000m2 there is about 1 million Iris of 600 different varieties! You can come and admire this spectacular nature show from May to July. From the beginning of the summer you can also see a large collection of Yoshino Cherry blossoms, Clematis and Hydrangeas, each seasons bringing its own beauty to the scene. You can also experience blueberry picking or farming activities.
  • The dragon God shrine

    Murou, the home of clear streams situated deep in the mountains, was a sacred location where people prayed for rain and an area where the dragon gods had lived since ancient times. Ryuketsu-jinja shrine is located at the entrance to the valley a little way upstream along the Murougawa River from Murou•ji Temple and if you continue past the shrine, after 20 minutes or so you will come to the Dragon's Cave where the Dragon Gods who rule the rain and clouds are said to live where you will be enveloped in the mystical atmosphere.