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  • Akame 48 falls Eco Tourism

    The 48 falls of Akame are located in the National park of Muro Akame Aoyama, it's surrounded by Nature: wild plants and animals. You can see the Giant salamenders during the day thanks to the aquariums.
    This place is really adapted to the Eco tourism. Activities are created in function of the season. In spring, you can for example go into the moutains to find and try to eat wild plants. In summer you can try the ritual of being struck under the waterfalls. Falls over a beautiful show with its colored leaves, and finally winter allow you to admire the waterfall turned into ice!
  • Akame Fudo Son Enjuin Temple

    The temple is said to about 1300 years old! The legend want that as the ascetics were practicing secret ritual under the falls, the Immovable (Acala, Fudo Myo-o in Japanese) appeared riding a red eyed cow. From this time on, this became a place for the worship of Acala, the Immovable. No need to say that this place became since a high place of Buddhism in Japan.
  • Akame Onsen Kakurenoyu Taisenkaku

    A well-established hot spring hotel 5 minutes walk from Akame 48 Falls. It is famous for its melt -in-the-mouth lga beef sushi and ' ninjutsu-nabe', a stew cooked at the table, with which you can enjoy the flavors of 4 kinds of meat.
    Address: 682 Nagasaka, Akame Town
    Phone: 0595-63-3355
  • Akame Onsen Yamanoyu Sansuien

    A hotel featuring a hot spring and delicious cuisine nestling in the woodlands at the foot of the Akame 48 Falls. All guestrooms are semi-detached and the sound of the river flowing by and the serenity of the woods soothe the guests.
    Address: 1203 Kashiwara, akame Town
    Phone: 0595-63-1034
  • Akame Valley

    Since ancient times Akame 48 Falls has been a training location for many mountain ascetics (Shugendo worshippers) and ninja. The steep terrain that rises and falls and has many waterfalls was perfect as a training ground. Shugendo is a religion that combines an ancient form of Japanese mountain worship with Shinto as well as imported religions such as Buddhism and Taoism. En no Gyoja, a shaman who is said to be the founder of Shugendo, was active in Nara in the 7th and 8th centuries and legends of him travelling through the skies, hills and fields using mysterious powers and manipulating fierce gods at will remain today. Akame 48 falls has a legend about En no Gyoja. It is said that when he was reciting his sutras to a waterfall the Acala appeared on a red-eyed bull, and the name Akame (red eyes in Japanese) of Akame 48 Falls comes from this legend. It is thought that one of the roots of ninja is Shugendo and tt is said that Sandayu Momochi, the founder of the lga ninja who was born near Akame Valley, used the Akame 48 Falls as a training ground and turned out a great number of ninja. The 48 of Akame 48 Falls signifies a large number and many of the waterfalls are named after different gods of Buddhism such as Fudo, Senju and Dainichi. It is said that they were named with the landscape of Akame serving as the great mandala scroll and tt is thought that various prayers are answered by going round all of the waterfalls. The valley zigzags over 4km surrounded by virgin forest on the mountain slopes and visitors can currently enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors and its four seasons created by the various waterfalls in a mysterious atmosphere on the trails provided. Eco tours in which participants stand under the waterfalls or experience ninja training are popular.
  • Iyashi no Sato Nabari no Yu

    In addition to a diverse range of innovative baths such as outdoor rock baths, there is also a store selling local specialties, Korean-style skin scrubbing, a beauty salon and a hairdressing salon.
    Address: 2-77-1 Kiodai
    Phone: 0595-28-5526
  • Japan Giant salamander Center

    There is "Japanese salamander center" at the entrance of 48 waterfalls of Akame. There is a colection of different salamanders which all live around in the water of the falls.
    The giant salamanders are said to be "living fossils" and have hardly changed from the ancient times (approximately 30 million years).
  • Kaochi Valley

    The Kaochi Valley is a superb columnar joint rock face that continues for 8km along the Shorenji River. This area is awash with the changing colors of the fall foliage.
  • Kaochidani Onsen Shorenji Lake Hotel

    A lakeshore hotel located on high ground looking down over Lake Shorenji. It boasts an open outdoor hot spring bath that looks out over the lake.
    Address: 1652 Shorenji Minenoyama
    Phone: 0595-63-6211
  • Matsukaze

    This hotel is a reproduction of a traditional townhouse. It also has a popular cafe which is open for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is also available if you reserve. It’s popular with international backpackers.
    Address: 34 Uehonmachi
    Phone: 0595-44-6355