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  • Restaurant Yamazakura

    You can eat Japanse local food like yamato pork curry, steak shrimp bowl, pork with egg bowl, yamato chicken bowl, and set menu.
  • Roadside station Misugi

    In this roadside station is wooden construction and barrier-free you can eat food, you can get local original souvenir and you can buy fresh vegetables.
  • Roadside station Mitsue

    In this roadside station, there is hot spring and you can get souvenir and you can buy fresh local vegetable
  • Roadside station UdajiOouda Akinoyado

    In this roadside station, you can rent‐a‐bicycle in 4 hours/1000yen in 8 hours 2000yen,and you can get souvenir and you can buy fresh local vegetable.you can use free footbath.
  • Roadsidestation Udaji-Muro

    In this roadside station, you can rent‐a‐bicycle,and you can get souvenir and you can buy fresh local vegetable next to this station.
  • Sasayuri-ann

    This villa is a reproduction of a traditional Japanese house privately rented to one group at a time. It is nestled among beautiful rice terraces that are included in the top 100 villages of Japan and guests will have the superb scenery such as the clouds on the mountains of the Quasi-National Park and the clear starry sky that clear the mind to themselves.
    Address: 656 Murou-fukano
    Phone: 0745-88-9402
  • Self service restaurant Uguisu

    There is restaurant Uguisu at Hot Springs Himeshinoyu,when you visit Hot Springs Himeshinoyu after taking bath, you can eat food or drink something.
  • Skyland Oobora

    There is a mysterious ancient path of moss-covered flagstones on Mt. Obora. At the foot of the mountain is a part of Shinpukuin Temple called Mitake Zaodo and it is said that long ago, Mt. Obora and the area surrounding was used as a training ground for ascetic (Shugendo) practices. The 500 or so mountain cherry trees that lead to the temple gate are known as the Mitake Sakura and have been chosen as a national place of scenic beauty as well as being included in the 100 best cherry blossom sites.
  • Soni Highlands Onsen Hot Spring Okame no Yu

    This hot spring facility has a wooden bathroom with a panoramic view of Mt. Kabuto and Mt. Yoroi and a stone bathroom from which you can view the natural landscape of the Soni Highland. These are for use by men and women on alternate weeks.
    Address: 830 Taroji
    Phone: 0745-98-2615
  • Soni Higland Farm Garden

    Soni Higland Farm Garden is for tourism facility and building,you can eat rice bread, you can eat French cuisine made with local ingredient. you can buy original souvenir, you can buy original beer which make beer in this farm,you can buy fresh vegetables.