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Hot springs

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  • Roadside station Mitsue

    In this roadside station, there is hot spring and you can get souvenir and you can buy fresh local vegetable
  • Soni Highlands Onsen Hot Spring Okame no Yu

    This hot spring facility has a wooden bathroom with a panoramic view of Mt. Kabuto and Mt. Yoroi and a stone bathroom from which you can view the natural landscape of the Soni Highland. These are for use by men and women on alternate weeks.
    Address: 830 Taroji
    Phone: 0745-98-2615
  • Takimotoya in Akame

    Japanese style hostel
    All Japanese style room
    10 rooms
    1 room (15 mats room + 20 mats room)
    4 rooms (10 mats room)
    2 rooms (8 mats room)
    1 room (12 mats room)
    1 room (10 mats room + 8 mats room)
    1 room (10 mats room + 6 mats room)