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  • Cherry trees in Mitake

    There is more than 500 wild cherry trees to the main gate of a Buddhist temple of the House of truth fortune is chosen as "100 selections of Japanese cherry tree famous places" in the natural beauty spot of the country.
  • Hikawa Sekibutu-gun (buddha stones)

    The graveyard on the west of the temple is the home to some beautiful (cultural assets) stone Buddhas. Around the Amutabha statue are placed some other stone Buddhas of about 70cm and another bigger one of about 100cm. Those statues are believed to have been produced in the nearby village using volcanic stone "Obara".
  • Kitabatakeshiyakataatoteien(Kitabatake's former house garden)

    This place is famous for its colored leaves. The Kitabatake Shrine is appointed in the natural beauty spot list of Japan
  • Nishi Zaoudou

    There used to be a big Temple here, but after the death of the last monk in 1872 the temple started to become abandoned, and now there is only one part remained, the Zaodou, which hosts a 55cm Buddha statue.
  • Roadside station Misugi

    In this roadside station is wooden construction and barrier-free you can eat food, you can get local original souvenir and you can buy fresh vegetables.
  • Shinpukuin Temple

    This temple hosts a Murojidai period Kannon statue. The temple itself is dated to 670. This placed protect a 1000 years old japanese elm tree, which trunk is more than 6 meters wide!
  • Skyland Oobora

    There is a mysterious ancient path of moss-covered flagstones on Mt. Obora. At the foot of the mountain is a part of Shinpukuin Temple called Mitake Zaodo and it is said that long ago, Mt. Obora and the area surrounding was used as a training ground for ascetic (Shugendo) practices. The 500 or so mountain cherry trees that lead to the temple gate are known as the Mitake Sakura and have been chosen as a national place of scenic beauty as well as being included in the 100 best cherry blossom sites.