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  • Accommodation Sankikan

    This place used to be school and now its used as accommodations for groups. It's really a good place to take benefit of the green nature and its surrounded by a beautiful small river. You can also appreciate some food produced in Mitsue village and have fun doing barbecue.
  • Akame Onsen Kakurenoyu Taisenkaku

    A well-established hot spring hotel 5 minutes walk from Akame 48 Falls. It is famous for its melt -in-the-mouth lga beef sushi and ' ninjutsu-nabe', a stew cooked at the table, with which you can enjoy the flavors of 4 kinds of meat.
    Address: 682 Nagasaka, Akame Town
    Phone: 0595-63-3355
  • Akame Onsen Yamanoyu Sansuien

    A hotel featuring a hot spring and delicious cuisine nestling in the woodlands at the foot of the Akame 48 Falls. All guestrooms are semi-detached and the sound of the river flowing by and the serenity of the woods soothe the guests.
    Address: 1203 Kashiwara, akame Town
    Phone: 0595-63-1034
  • Aoyama Garden Resort Hotel Rosa Blanca

    A secluded resort surrounded by the abundant water and greenery of the Aoyama Highlands. It boasts one of the largest natural outdoor hot spring baths in the area.
    Address: 721 Terawaki
    Phone: 0595-52-5586
  • Guest‐house Minshuku 2-7

    Here is Guest‐house Minshuku 2-7 in front of the beautiful natural monument Yodoidake mountain. The guest house can stay over 100 persons. There is music hall, dance hall. You can do barbecue side of the river.
  • Health Center Miharuen

    A publicly-owned hotel with a hot spring which is well-reputed for its beauty effect of smooth skin. Spend a quiet moment in the land of nature and history.
    Address: 255 Haibara fukuchi
    Phone: 0745-82-1126
  • Hinotani Onsen Misugi Resort

    This resort offers lnaka Tourism - experiences that utilize the features of local nature and countryside such as the lse Honkaido historical highway walk, star-gazing and picking seasonal produce, all of which are only available here.
    Address: 5990 Yachi, Misugi town
    Phone: 059-272-1155
  • Kaochidani Onsen Shorenji Lake Hotel

    A lakeshore hotel located on high ground looking down over Lake Shorenji. It boasts an open outdoor hot spring bath that looks out over the lake.
    Address: 1652 Shorenji Minenoyama
    Phone: 0595-63-6211
  • Kijiya

    This old Japanese-style house has stood here inconspicuously over a period of 130 years. Guests are warmly welcomed with dishes with local ingredients such as wild plant cuisine and boar stew.
    Address: 2126-2 Igami
    Phone: 0745-94-2551
  • Matsukaze

    This hotel is a reproduction of a traditional townhouse. It also has a popular cafe which is open for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is also available if you reserve. It’s popular with international backpackers.
    Address: 34 Uehonmachi
    Phone: 0595-44-6355