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  • Skyland Oobora

    There is a mysterious ancient path of moss-covered flagstones on Mt. Obora. At the foot of the mountain is a part of Shinpukuin Temple called Mitake Zaodo and it is said that long ago, Mt. Obora and the area surrounding was used as a training ground for ascetic (Shugendo) practices. The 500 or so mountain cherry trees that lead to the temple gate are known as the Mitake Sakura and have been chosen as a national place of scenic beauty as well as being included in the 100 best cherry blossom sites.
  • Sunvillage Soni

    You can camp in the Nature at the beautiful national park Yoroidake.
    There is cottage and bungalow and auto-camping site.
    There are 9 cottages(1LDK for 5 people)
    in the cottage site there is kitchen, TV, Bed, Air conditioner, Terrace.
    There are 5 bungalows(4to8people)
    There are 29 auto‐camping site 
    You can use athletic zone, tennis coat, shower, coin laundry, public bathroom, barbecue area.
  • The Akame 48 falls valley Camp site

    You can stay in the Nature at the Akame 48 falls camp site.
    In this camp site you can do barbecue, you can rent camping goods.
  • Youth Travel Village Mitsue Seishounen Ryokou Mura

    You can camp in the the footthe base Mt Miune which is 300 famous mountains
    you can enjoy with athletic zone with 140m big sliding way and bobsled.
    In the river of around this area, depth of water is not deep.
    You can stay, you can do barbecue in the footthe base Mt Miune which is 300 famous mountains
    One day camping 4-6 persons 3500yen
    Bungalow 6 persons 10000yen/1day stay
    Auto-camping site 5000yen/1day stay 
    +300yen clean cooperation per site