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Hot springs

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  • Akame Onsen Kakurenoyu Taisenkaku

    A well-established hot spring hotel 5 minutes walk from Akame 48 Falls. It is famous for its melt -in-the-mouth lga beef sushi and ' ninjutsu-nabe', a stew cooked at the table, with which you can enjoy the flavors of 4 kinds of meat.
    Address: 682 Nagasaka, Akame Town
    Phone: 0595-63-3355
  • Akame Onsen Yamanoyu Sansuien

    A hotel featuring a hot spring and delicious cuisine nestling in the woodlands at the foot of the Akame 48 Falls. All guestrooms are semi-detached and the sound of the river flowing by and the serenity of the woods soothe the guests.
    Address: 1203 Kashiwara, akame Town
    Phone: 0595-63-1034
  • Aoyama Garden Resort Hotel Rosa Blanca

    A secluded resort surrounded by the abundant water and greenery of the Aoyama Highlands. It boasts one of the largest natural outdoor hot spring baths in the area.
    Address: 721 Terawaki
    Phone: 0595-52-5586
  • Health Center Miharuen

    A publicly-owned hotel with a hot spring which is well-reputed for its beauty effect of smooth skin. Spend a quiet moment in the land of nature and history.
    Address: 255 Haibara fukuchi
    Phone: 0745-82-1126
  • Hinotani Onsen Misugi Resort

    This resort offers lnaka Tourism - experiences that utilize the features of local nature and countryside such as the lse Honkaido historical highway walk, star-gazing and picking seasonal produce, all of which are only available here.
    Address: 5990 Yachi, Misugi town
    Phone: 059-272-1155
  • Iyashi no Sato Nabari no Yu

    In addition to a diverse range of innovative baths such as outdoor rock baths, there is also a store selling local specialties, Korean-style skin scrubbing, a beauty salon and a hairdressing salon.
    Address: 2-77-1 Kiodai
    Phone: 0595-28-5526
  • Kaochidani Onsen Shorenji Lake Hotel

    A lakeshore hotel located on high ground looking down over Lake Shorenji. It boasts an open outdoor hot spring bath that looks out over the lake.
    Address: 1652 Shorenji Minenoyama
    Phone: 0595-63-6211
  • Menard Aoyama Resort

    A resort offering a wide range of facilities such as a large herb garden, hot spring baths, beauty treatments, beauty & health programs and a golf course.
    Address: 2356 Kiryu
    Phone: 0595-54-1326
  • Mitsue Onsen Hot Spring Himeshi no Yu

    A hot spring for beauty close to Mt. Obora and Mt. Miune. The adjoining store, Kaido lchiba Mitsue, stocks plenty of local specialties.
    Address: 6330 KozuePhone: 0745-95-2641
  • Restaurant Okameann at Hot Springs Okamenoyu

    There is restaurant Okameann at Hot Springs Okamenoyu,when you visit Hot Springs Okamenoyu after taking bath, you can eat food or drink beer or eat ice cream.