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D Course: Soni Highland

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D Course: Soni Highland (Soni village)

Ochiai Bus Stop == Tsukinoki Bridge == Kuroso Great Shrine Gate == Mt. Kuroso == Nihon Boso == Kameyama Pass == Soni Highland Entrance == Kazura Bus Stop
Distance: +-13㎞ Estimaed time: +-4 hours 40 minutes
dcourse scThe Kotaro cliffs, which can be viewed from the Shorenji River, are one of the best spots for viewing the changing colors of the fall foliage. Follow the forest path from Tsukinoki Bridge and the gate of Kuroso Daigongen (the Great Incarnation of the Buddha) will appear in front of you. The huge 15m Kuroso Stone Buddha carved into the cliff has been the object of nature worship from ancient times. Keep going through the valley and turn left at the col and you will arrive at Mt. Kuroso, the highest peak of the Muro volcanic group. Double-back from the summit to Nihon Boso. The view from here is superb. Once you are past the management shed, you will see the Soni Highlands covered in Japanese pampas grass. Walk from the Kameyama Pass through the Tokai Nature Trail to Kazura Bus Stop.

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* To enjoy your trekking
Please plan ahead and leave plenty of time to spare so you can begin your descent by 3:00pm. Submit a climbing plan to the nearest police station, and inform family members and friends of your destination before entering the mountain area. Use the toilet before entering the mountain area, if possible. If you become concerned about your current location during your trek, backtrack to a location you are familiar with. Please note that picking plants and trapping animals is prohibited in the National Park. Be sure to take your garbage back with you.
* Basic equipment
Wear non-slip shoes that are comfortable to walk in. A long-sleeve shirt, long pants and a hat are essential. The weather in the mountain area frequently changes, so bring winter clothes and wet weather gear. Ensure you are carrying adequate food and water, and consume frequently.
* Emergency contacts
[Nara Prefecture]
Sakurai Police / Station Uda Police 0745-82-0110
[Mie Prefecture]
Nabari Police Station 0595-62-0110
lga Police Station 0595-21-0110
Tsuminami Police Station 059-254-0110

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